Saturday, January 26, 2008

Xtreme Sports Expo

It turns out that not only does Statesville host the world championships of slalom skateboarding, they also host the Xtreme Sports Expo. Pretty cool right? Welllll....It's held in the parking lot of the Landmark Church of God. There was a band and everything. A christian an xtreme sports expo. I don't know. Something's just not quite right with that.

Oh yeah. Also hosted by the Landmark Church of God (I'm not clear if it's at the same time as the expo) is the Halo 3 tournament. Really??, you might ask.
Yes. Really.


Samantha said...

That isn't the location or musical act I would have predicted, for sure!

greg said...

only in north carolina man, only in nc.

was stephen baldwin the MC?