Monday, April 28, 2008

When I was a child, I was a genius....or

I may have been really stupid. A memory came to me as I was driving down the highway this morning. I past a road sign "Bridge Ices Before Road".
When I was a kid, I had the worst trouble trying to figure out what this sign meant. I had it in my head that the word "before" was referring to the "in front of" meaning. As in, "What do I see before me?" So when I would read the sign, it would come across as the bridge ices in front of the road. What the hell does that mean? Is the sign saying the road is a witness to the icing of the bridge? I actually remembered having that thought.
I think, genius.

Friday, April 4, 2008

82 yr old Native American ladies

Sometimes I get a strange look from people when I answer their question, "What do you do?" I usually point to my son and daughter and say, "This is what I do. I raise my kids." Usually, from younger parents, I get a very positive response. One of them (the wife normally) may be an at-home-parent as well and won't blink twice. The husband may make a comment like, "I don't know how you do it." I could say the same thing to the guy that funnels money from here to there all day, or helps mass produce something that's so important that I DO live without it.
There is a class of people that almost always respond the same. The Greatest Generation. "Ahw, that's sweet. It's Daddy's day out. Your wife is very lucky today. And what do you do?"
2 days ago, I was asked by an 82 year old Native American (Cherokee) lady, "So, what do you do?" We were in a hair salon (that's right) and I was wearing my son. I pointed at him and said, "This is what I do. I raise my kids." Her face flashed confusion, denial, maybe she heard me wrong, these kids today are so out of touch. The look lasted all of a millisecond. I understand there is a generation difference. I even think I may understand there may be a cultural difference that has something to do with this one. So I just looked at her. Then....
we had the most pleasant conversation. It turns out that she knew the parents of the guy that built my new house. My new house was built in 1901. Did I mention this is a small town?
Right now, I'm thinking of a certain other Native American lady (not 82) that will set me straight. Check the comments to see if she reads her friends blogs.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I've been finding new music to listen to and am loving it!! I'm normally listening to Led Zeppelin or Lynyrd Skynyrd or some cheese ass 70's/80's band like Journey or Styx. And don't get me started on Abba. But now....I have found some really great stuff that is from this decade. My current playlist on SeeqPod is White Stripes, Gary Jules, Erin McKeown, David Bowie, Dee-Lite, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, Jack Johnson, Fiona Apple, Jeff Buckley, Thao Nguyen, Bon Iver, M. Ward & Zooey Deschanel, The Black Crowes, and The Killers.
Ok, so a lot of that is still not from this decade, but honestly, was there any better music than what we had in the 90's. Nope. Anyway, all these guys are still rockin' (except Buckley...he drowned).


I've made a couple of changes to the nest. As you can see, there is a game of hangman to the right. Go ahead and waste an hour playing. I don't mind.
Also, I've added a music player. Currently it's set to play Bon Iver tunes, but I'll be changing that from time to time.
I also found a cool Album Art gadget that located below on the right side. It shows different album covers, very cool.
Down on the right is a link to Goodreads. You should check it out. You enter whatever books you've read, rate them, review them, compare them to friends' books, find new books to read, and so on.....
I'll probably goof around with it a little more to try and find more new things to add, but for now this is it.