Monday, April 28, 2008

When I was a child, I was a genius....or

I may have been really stupid. A memory came to me as I was driving down the highway this morning. I past a road sign "Bridge Ices Before Road".
When I was a kid, I had the worst trouble trying to figure out what this sign meant. I had it in my head that the word "before" was referring to the "in front of" meaning. As in, "What do I see before me?" So when I would read the sign, it would come across as the bridge ices in front of the road. What the hell does that mean? Is the sign saying the road is a witness to the icing of the bridge? I actually remembered having that thought.
I think, genius.


Joel said...

You are a genius! I've never had that thought or seen that sign in my lifetime.

How's the new house?

ginger said...

Definitely not a genius.

Vamp D said...

I'm not related to you.

Now, if you were the "inventor" of that sign and collected royalties every time one was used on the road, well, that would be Genius. Those signs are everywhere.

@joel: There are no bridges in Wisconsin?

greg said...

uneven payment joints... that sign always stupidfied me.

Joel said...

@vamp d - there are plenty of bridges in Wisconsin. If there is a sign it reads bridges may be icy. The DOT doesn't put signs by all bridges because it's cold a majority of the time. Some signs have a flashing red light when ice is most likely present...why? we're illiterate and only respond to lights or snow is covering the sign.

Anyway, I'm bored, hyper, and my wife's 8 days overdue and I'm going crazy!

Rich C. said...

I used to think the DO NOT PASS signs were that same as NO TRESPASSING signs.

In Michigan we get BRIDGE MAY BE ICY signs that really don't make sense for a good portion of the year