Monday, May 26, 2008

Oak Island, NC

We went to the beach at Oak Island, NC!! We have never taken a family vacation before, so we decided it was time. But how much time is enough? The answer to that question is 4 days.

Old Man by the Sea

We saw lots of pelicans

and more pelicans

We saw some boats, too.

Big boat going into port.

The house we stayed in


We saw a lady from the DNR rescue a hurt bird.

The Oak Island Lighthouse


JonMcP said...

Fun. I'm here at the beach right now. Four days seems about right to me too...

greg said...

NC beaches rule.

did you find any shark's teeth?

Matt said...

@greg---no shark's teeth. I've actually never found a shark's tooth before. Ever. I've been to the beach several times, always looking, never got one.

greg said...

north topsail right where the New River Inlet enters the ocean is a goldmine we found like 200 one summer. mostly small but my wife ended up making necklaces out of them and giving them to our nephews and nieces for christmas