Monday, June 30, 2008

What happened in Room 545?

This is the haunted room in The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.
"As the tale goes, the ghost is that of a young woman dressed in pink who fell to her death in the Palm Court Atrium around 1920." She has been seen by many hotel employees.
To get this picture, I had to travel to the 5th floor in a small elevator built into the rocks that make the hotel. The elevator operator took us to the 5th floor. I had my 14 month old son on my back in his carrier. I saw the door as soon as I got off the elevator and got my camera up to shot. As soon as I paused at the door, my son starts screaming as loud as he can. I quickly try and take the picture, but the screen reads "CF card is full". NO WAY!! There was only about 35 pics on this card!! I quickly delete a couple of pics and am able to snap a quick shot. I get my son off my back and get back on the elevator. I tell the operator, "I guess he doesn't like the 5th floor." He replied, "Well, it is haunted, you know. It strange, though. The Pink Lady supposedly likes kids."
My son calmed down as soon as we returned to the main floor.
Really weird.


greg said...

creep dude!

Vamp D said...

Good thing he's never been to the Overlook Hotel...

AMR said...

GP Inn -- nice spot. Knocked down many a beer there while my wife conferenced away. Livin' the dream.

Matt said...

@greg--yes, it is
@ vamp d-- no shit
@amr--that place is pretty awesome. I also had a nice 1 1/2hour spa treatment.