Monday, October 6, 2008

Do I have to?

Really, I think I do.

This experience with Lindsay's leukemia has really thrown me for a loop, twisted me in a knot, kicked me in the balls, put my head in a vise, got my panties in a wad, etc., etc.....

I've not been a big fan of Statesville since we moved here. Seems like some crazy bad shit happens around every turn. We had the whole Nightmare on Elm St. We had really bad house buying experiences (structural issues, sellers holding ernest money hostage) Now Lindsay's AML. I hate Statesville....or do I?

I know about 12 people in town fairly well. That's it. About 5,000 people know us now and have shown an amazing amount of support for us. It is pretty unbelievable. People we don't know, and will probably not ever know, are giving donations to help us. There are fundraisers all over the place. I just read a comment someone made about an upcoming fundraiser for Lindsay. I had no idea what she was talking about. What fundraiser??

Ginger's work has supplied us with a pretty bad-ass laptop. Lindsay gets to video chat with uncles, aunts, and cousins now and is having a blast doing it.

A certain group of NC at home dad's (whether they all know it or not) donated some Whole Foods Gift cards. I've only met these guys once!!!

We get constant letters from people that heard about Lindsay from a friend of a friend of a cousin of the mother of a kid whose dog walked by our house once.

So, do I have to like Statesville now? I think I do, whether I want to or not.


JonMcP said...

Awesome! It's amazing how people you don't know come through for you when you're in a pinch. Let this group of NC at home dads know if you need anything else.

AMR said...

Yeah, well, you're alright yourself, but don't get a big head about it or anything.

You'd come through for others, too. I know you would.

greg said...

dude, don't forget the downhill skateboard championship!

ChaChaTea said...

No place is perfect.